Ramco Electric are a reliable & affordable company for the repairs of restauran exhaust fans in Sydney
Commercial kitchen exhaust fans repairs for restaurants, pub & hotels.

Exhaust Ventilation Fans for Restaurants

Our team of exhaust fan Installation Contractors are available for Commercial kitchen exhaust fans. Our product range includes rooftop exhaust fans for kitchens. The kitchen area of a commercial restaurant can get very hot. The right size fan is important for staff and their working environment.

Exhaust fans must be reliable and efficient to be able to withstand the high heat generated in a kitchen. At RAMCO Electric we specialize in the assessment of every new job from an engineering perspective.

We can test your existing kitchen exhaust fan system to see if complies with local ventilation codes. Is the kitchen exhaust fan adequate for the job its supposed to do.

We calculate the correct fan volumes required and then select an appropriate exhaust fan for your kitchen. All work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Ramco electric is a leading exhaust fan installation contractor. Our work covers all areas across Sydney. We supply and install all major brands of exhaust fan systems.

Call our office for any enquiry you may have regarding which exhaust fan system best suits your premises. CALL 1300 885 668.

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Exhaust Fan Repairs For Commercial Restaurant Kitchen

Commercial kitchen exhaust fans are sold by our company to restaurants and other facilities. These includes clubs, pubs, hotels, schools and hospitals. Where ever there is a facility involved in the preparation of food, a proper exhaust extraction system is required by law.

Our company can offer you a consultation on what would best suit your facility. From light commercial type fans to heavy industrial extraction type exhaust fans.

We select design and install & repair all of the above.