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Ramco Electric. Supply and intallation of all kitchen exhaust fans in Sydney.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair Services

Choosing the right exhaust fan repair services company can be Kitchen exhaustfan repair services for commercial restaurant, cafes, pubs and clubs. difficult. Our business offers a professional service for fan motor repairs.

A certificate of compliance is issued for all electrical work carried out.  Commercial kitchen exhaust fan motor repairs in Sydney. Our staff are on standby to assist with any enquiry.

Our services includes kitchen hood design. Call a professional company with a long history for quality of work.  Installation and service work are fully guaranteed for twelve months. A leading service provider.

Common Restaurant Exhaust Fan Motor Problems

These are the most common faults found in commercial restaurant kitchens. Finding a solution requires the proper diagnosis of the fan motor fault.The cost of motor repairs varies. The size of your kitchen exhaust hood will determine the size of the fan motor required.
Exhaust fan repair services should only be carried out by licensed ventilation and electrical contractors. The contractor by law must provide you with a certificate of compliance for electrical work.

Common Restaurant Exhaust Fan Motor Problems

Never Use Motor Rewinds for Exhaust Fan Repairs

Exhaust fan repair services requires the fan motor to be serviced or replaced. A motor rewind means that the existing motor's windings are re-wound. Re-wound motors are cheaper than new motors. They are not reliable and can fail within six to twelve months. In most cases six months.

Restaurant and cafe owners who opt for a cheap solution can be caught out long term. Once the warranty period expires and the motor fails the restaurant owner ends up paying again for a new motor. Cheaper is not always best. It is best to get the motor repairs for fans to be done right the first time.