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10 Common Air Conditioner Repairs in Sydney We Do

Air Conditioning is essential in Sydney during the hot summer months. With temperatures reaching up to 38deg, it gets very uncomfortable if your air conditioner fails and need repairs. Technicians are hard to find during this period due to the volume of breakdown service calls. HVAC Repairs can be costly, therefore it is wise that your air conditioning unit is properly maintained to avoid any major cost for repairs.

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The 10 Most Common Air Conditioner Repair Problems

Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

To maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning, your filter must cleaned on a regular basis. If the filter has deteriorated then its time to replace it. When the the filter gets clog, dirt bypasses the filter media and clogs the evaporator coil. The consequence is reduced airflow and a drop in efficiency of the ac unit. Electricity cost go up as a result of the airconditioner's drop in efficiency due to lower airflow and lower cooling capacity.

Refrigerant Leaks Repairs

Refrigerant leaks can cause major problems to your air conditioner. A refrigerant leak will drop the efficiency of the ac unit and caust the compressor to overheat. This can lead to a compressor motor failure if the safety pressure switches fail. the most common place for leaks are the service valves. The repair cost of leaks vary, depending on where the leak is located and also the type of refrigerant used. Some refrigerants are much more expensive than others. To avoid these problems its best to have your aircondioting system serviced and maintained on a regular basis.

Thermostat Upgrades and Replacement

The operation and set up of thermostats is important for the smooth operation of your air conditioner. We repair or replace any therostat which has been diagnosed by us as been faulty.

Water leak Repairs

Water leaks are common during hot summer months. The main causes are the filters are dirty thereby restricting airflow and causing a high condensation rate of water to the drain pan. Dirty filters can clog drainage ports which in turn causes leaks from tha air conditioning unit. To fix this problem the filters have to be checked and the evaporator coil cleaned using specialised chemicals for cleaning coils. The drain port needs to be flushed with dry nitrogen to clear any blockage in the drainage pipes.

Breakers or Fuses Trip Repairs

The breaker or fuses a safety protection device from for electrical short circuits. If a breaker or fuse trip then that means that there is an electrical fault with the air conditioning system which will require repairs. Common fault for short circuits are, compressor motor burnouts, faulty capacitor, or faulty fan motor including condenser fans. We troubleshhot repair and fix any electrical problem within your air conditioner.

Capacitors Repair for Air conditioners

Capacitors are used for the start up of fan motors, condenser fans and compressor motor. When the capacitors fail then the motors will stall and not works. Our service team of professionals are licensed electricians ready to troubleshoot any electrical problem relating to faulty capacitors.

Air Conditioner Compressor Motor Repairs

Compressor motor repairs for air conditioners are carried out when there is a burnout of the compressor motor. A compressor motor burnout is caused when the compressor winding short circuit within the compressor motor. We replace compressor motors with new ones. Our guarantee on a new air conditioning compressor motor repair is twelve months inclusive of parts and labour.

Evaporator Coil Repairs

Evaporator coil will deteriorate and corrode over time causing refrigerant leaks. In most cases the coil can be repaired without replacement. However if the coil is beyond repair then we would advise that it be replaced with a new coil. The cost of repairs will vary in accordance the air conditioner cooling capacity.

Condenser Coil repairs

Condenser coil are located in the outdoor condensing unit or motor. The only time they will need to be replaced is if the coil finns have been damaged or the coil has corroded. We carry out repairs and replacements for all model of air conditioners condenser coils.

Faulty Air Conditioning Contactor Repairs

A faulty contactor within an ac unit will cause equipment not to work. This repair involves removing the old contactor and switchgear and replacing it with a new one. If the faulty contactor is not replaced, it can cause damage to compressors and fan motors in the air conditioning system.

Are you having Problems With your Air Conditioner?

For winter heating and summer cooling, it is best to be prepared. To ensure the smooth operation of your air conditioner it is always best to have your air conditioner unit properly serviced and maintained. This will reduce the chances of your ac unit failing. However if you're experiencing problems now and cannot make it work, then call us for assistance. We have a mobile service repair team ready to help with any air conditioning repairs you may require for your air conditioner.