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Compressor Repair Services For Air Conditioners

The compressor motor is the heart of all air conditioning systems. It pumps refrigerant through the ac unit thereby providing cooling or heating when required. In most cases these motors fail when they are running during extreme heat conditions in summer. These failures are caused by:

Air conditioner compressor repairs to all suburbs in Sydney

Air conditioning compressor repairs will be needed once the compressor motor has failed. These repairs involve the replacement of the existing compressor. The compressor will last longer on average 10-15years for domestic air conditioning applications & 5-10years for commercial air conditioners

Compressor HVAC Repair Cost

The repair cost of a new compressor motor varies in accordance with the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit. For Domestic Air Conditioners the repairs costs are as follows:Buy a new aircon compressor motor instead of motor rewind motors and save in the long term.

These cost are a guide only and can vary with various manufacturer brands, accessibility and the amount of refrigerant required for each different ac unit. For a more accurate price you can call our office and we will be happy to provided a fix price quotation for all air conditioner compressor motor repair works.

Air conditioning compressor repairs

Never Use Compressor Motor Rewinds for Air Conditioning Repairs

Compressor motor that are rewound do not last. In reality they can last from six months to a year. If your lucky maybe longer. The reason for this is that the motors are not rewound by the original manufacturer. The conditioning machinery used and quality control is lacking.

It is our advice and expertise that the best solution is to install a new compressor motor from the original manufacturer. The short term benefit of low cost for compressor rewind is not worth it over a longer period. Once they fail a second time, the cost for repairs for another motor would not be worth the cost for further repairs. Every subsequent motor failure can cause internal damage to the refrigeration cycle of your air conditioner.