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Electrician Sydney Exam

Try out the following exams and test your electrical services knowledge. These exams are based on the requirements of all Sydney's electrical contractors.

If your a local then visit our services for electricians in hornsby

The Capstone Assessment Hornsby Electricians

The capstone assessment (also known as the Electrical Systems Safety Assessment) is scheduled to take place in the final year of your apprenticeship. To help you understand the assessment process we have provided the following links.

Hornsby NSW TAFE Contact Information

If you are a local electrician in Hornsby and want to further your knowledge in electro-technology for electricians, then contact your local TAFE for more information. Hornsby NSW Tafe is located at 205 Peats Ferry Road Hornsby NSW 2077.

International Students

Australia is a world leader in Electro-Technology Courses. Students wanting to establish a career in the electrical trades can use the Capstone Assessment Exams as an indicator to the final exams which are carried out at the end of the course.

You can contact TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education) for further details and information.

Hornsby NSW TAFE Contact Information

205 Peats Ferry Road Hornsby NSW 2077

Theory Exam Dec 2008

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Theory Exam Dec 2009

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Practical Exam Aug 2009

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