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Finding the right air conditioner repair  services company can be Air Conditioning Repairs services for offices, homes, residential & commercial challenging. RAMCO Electric offers professional repair services for all major brands of air conditioners.

A warranty guarantee for parts and labour is issued with new repair works carried out for Domestic & Commercial Air Conditioner Repairs in Sydney. We can assist with any enquiry.

Our services includes air conditioning design and construct. Ramco Electric is a professional company providing quality repair & installation service work.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

These are common faults found in Domestic & Commercial Air Condiioners. A preventative maintenance program is the best way to avoid major failures of your air conditioner. Repairs can be expensive depending on the fault. A proper diagnosis of the air conditioners fault should only be investigated by licensed contractors. The cost of repairs will vary, depending on which part has to be repaired or replaced.

Always Use Licensed Contractors for Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning repair services should only be carried out by Licensed Electrical & HVAC Contractors who specialise in the repair, service, installation and maintenance of air conditioners. The quality of repairs depends on the experience and technical capability of the techncian carrying out the works. Experienced technicians will quickly diagnose any fault and advise you of the repairs required. This includes a proper costing of material and labour in a firm quotation.

Save 10% on your next heating or air conditioning service call. RAMCO Electric can save you money on your HVAC services, repairs, maintenance and installations? Call us now on 1300 885 668 for any enquiry you may have. Our staff are on standby help you now.

What Our Customers Say

Vaughan Patrick

 Five Star service for exhaust fan repair services in restaurants, cafes & pubs.

"Shane from RAMCO serviced and re-gassed our aircon compressor which had been running poorly for some time, and in the process identified some other minor defects, such as a damaged electrical wire and stripped threads on a couple of gas connectors. His many years of experience with air conditioning and being an electrician to boot ensured that the compressor was serviced safely and professionally. I found Shane to be very friendly, honest and knowledgeable and wouldn't hesitate in recommending RAMCO to anyone."

David N.R. An

Same day commercial exhaust fan repairs Sydney. Call Ramco Electric 1300 885 668.

"Ram is a very experienced and knowledgeable electrician. Look no further for honest and quality work at a really good price. I had a issue and Ram did a great job at an amazing price. Would definitely use again. Thank you."

Arnel Guinto

Exhaust fans repairs services for restaurants

"I engaged Ramco Electric to install a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner in our factory. They were very good and did a brilliant job. I am very happy with their workmanship and would recommend them as a good company to do business with. They provided their services at an affordable price which fitted into our budget. Thanks to Shane for everything. An excellent and professional service. Greatly appreciated."