Air Conditioning Fan Motor repairs in Sydney
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Air Conditioner Fan Motor Repairs

Air Conditioning Fan Motor Repairs involves troubleshooting the cause of the fan motor failure. if repairs are required then the correct parts would need to be acquired. The actual work involved in removing and replacing the fan motor on average could take three to four hours in labour. This may take longer depending on the location of the Air handling Unit and accessibility. There are many different types of air conditioner fan motors, therefore the repairs or replacement of these motors should always be a direct replacement as specified by the manufacture of the ac unit.

RAMCO Electric Repairs fan Blowers For all Air Conditioner Brands. Servicing all suburbs in Sydney

Our Blower Fan Repairs Services Include:

Fan Capacitor Repairs For Air Conditioner Motors

All single phase fan motors require a capacitor. A capacitor is an energy storing device which kickRepairs for Capacitors for HVAC Systems. Cost varies from $170.00 to $330.00. starts the fan motor before it runs at normal speed. Capacitors are rated in micro-farads. They can be checked using a multi-metre with a micro-farad test function. In most fault fan cases, it would be the capacitor thats burnt out. This can easily be replaced by a licensed electrician in the HVAC Repair business.

Capacitors come in two different types. The first type is a start capacitor which kick starts the fan. The second type is a run capacitor which works inline with the fan motor ensuring the smooth operation of the fan motor.

Repairs of Blower Fan

Blower fan repairs vary depending on the size of the airconditioner unit. Sometimes the fan blowerCall Ramco Electric for all Fan Blower Repairs. Call 1300 885 668. also needs replacing due to its age and corrosion. All fans have a limited economic life. Usually 10-15years.

If the fan manufacturer does not stock the old fan blower then it would need to be custom built to suit an Air Handler Unit. this usually takes from 3-6weeks. A good preventative maintenance program will ensure that the fan blower can its entire economic life of 15years.