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     Standby Diesel Generator - Total System Integration


    Kohler Diesel generators are reliable, compact, user friendly and versatile. A Kohler Power standby diesel generator is powered by John Deere Motors. They are built to offer dependable power for all applications. This includes Healthcare, Data Centre's, airports and more.

    This standby diesel generator is available in a wide range of power outputs. It power range is from  5.5kVA to 700kVA. They are built for reliability, with self-diagnostic features. Kohler generator sets come equipped with sound enclosures and integrated fuel tanks.

    General Specifications

    Kohler generators have assembled sound proofing enclosures. The colour Kohler cream beige is standard. The standby diesel generator unit is rust rust resistant. Electro-galvanised steel panels are coated with heat hardening powder.  This is based on polyester resin as a form of rust protection.

    Generator sets are resistance to high corrosion for enclosure parts and fixtures.

    Diesel generator units have acoustic sound treatment. The sound proofing and fire retardant foam is between 20-50mm thickness. The genets operate silently. There is a high priority on noise reduction. Conforms to 2000.14/EC noise emission standards.

    Parts are readily available off the shelf. A power circuit breaker is installed for any short circuits.The unit has an integated fuel tank.

    Total performance - Site Survey for Standby Diesel Generator - RAMCO

    The Kohler powered standby diesel generator is engineered for total performance. They provide exceptional motor starting and voltage recovery. 

    They are configurable to a variety of system needs. There are more than 60 models, from 8.5 to 3250kw. Onsite residential, marine and mobile models are available.

    RAMCO-Electric can conduct a survey of your site and provide a cost estimate of a generator set that best suits your business needs.


  • Our standby diesel generator control panel interface is simple to operate.

    Standby Power Diesel Generator Set Controls

    Kohler offers a unique range of specific control units. These control units offer a wide range of possibilities, from simplified running to the option of managing the most complex coupling operations. They can be adapted to suit every need. The DEC1000 Control Unit enable operation in both manual and automatic modes.

    John Deere Motors (Kohler Power Solutions Video CLICK HERE)