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    About Us - Electrician Sydney 


    Ramco Electric are an established electrical contracting company. We have been providing air conditioning and electrical services for more than twenty years. Our  electrician Sydney service range, includes the installation of power points and lights.

    If its indoor lighting you require then we can help. Our electrician Sydney services, includes down lights, wall lighting and spotlights. Hot Water Replacement services. We do everything when it comes to lighting. You can supply your own lighting and we will install it.

    Switchboard upgrade services. All switchboards for homes and businesses must be protected by a safety switch. A safety switch is known as a Residual Current Device or (RCD). Our electrician provides this service.

    Air Conditioning Services Installation Repairs

    We provide a range of air conditioning services. Our air conditioning services include, maintenance service contracts for commercial and industrial air conditioning plants. Cooling tower maintenance services and legionella certification.

    Our expert Sydney electrician is highly experienced control system specialist. We can design and install air conditioning control systems.

    Our other specialised service includes, air balancing and water balancing.

    For our breakdown services we offer emergency air conditioning services. Our electrician Sydney serviceman can carry out air con repairs service for all brands of air conditioning units.


    Hot Water Repairs Sydney Electrician

    If your hot water replacement system is not heating, then it likely to be faulty. A common cause of hot water heater failure, is a faulty thermostat. Another common fault, is a burnt out heater element. For more information contact our office. Our  electrician Sydney serviceman can advise on a hot water replacement unit or estimated cost of hot water repairs.

    Smoke Alarms Detectors

    Smoke Alarm detectors saves lives. It must be installed in your home. If you do not have them installed, then call us for a quick appraisal. Safety is important. Protect your family and property.