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    Our Company carries out Domestic and Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney Repairs. Air conditioning units fail for many reasons. The most common faults on air conditioners are gas leaks. Air conditioners have a lifespan of ten years.

    Our company specialises in the repair of all types of air conditioners. Choosing the right service company can be difficult. Most faults on air conditioning systems are electrical. All of our service staff are licensed tradesmen. Electrical repair works are carried by licensed Sydney electricians. 

    Air Conditioning Sydney Repairs-Installation-Service

    There are many air conditioning Sydney repairs service companies. How to choose the company that best meets your needs. Our company offers free advice. All parts are warrantied for twelve months. Emergency breakdown services are available within one hour. There is no charge for our services, if the air conditioner you own cant' be fixed. Air conditioning repairs wont be carried out without approval. No job is too small or big. We cater for everyone's needs.

  • Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services

    Air conditioning services have a varied range. A wide range of services are available from our company. Air conditioning repairs Sydney systems are designed by our engineers. The right system can be installed to meet your needs. There are many choices available depending on your budget. 

    Repair Costs

    Service and Repair costs depends on what the fault is. The most common air conditioning repairs are gas leaks. The repairs depends on the gas used. This can vary from $120 to $660. Seventy five percent of air conditioning faults are electrical. These cost can vary from $20 to $550.

    Old air conditioners are not worth repairing. Check out the  cost of repairs.  Contact our company for free advice on what the best solution is for you. Call our company if you want to book an air conditioning service.